Maria’s house is surrounded by Obaro and other goons. Obaro is on a mission to have Buya under his custody in order to request for money from Dida.

Obaro gives Maria only 5 seconds to produce Buya or else they spray her house with bullet. After the count of 5, Maria does nothing. Obaro orders his colleagues in Sultana 14th December 2022 episode to attack the house and leave nothing untouched.

Coincidentally, the detectives arrive on time. Before the area goons with their Kingpin Obaro make a single step, a police siren is heard from a distance. They quickly hide the pistol and vanish into the crowd.

Detectives check the house but their plan yield nothing. As the operation is going on, The other goons send by Fatima are also having a glance of what is happening.

Maria plays her cards very well. They are not found at all.

Despite having saved Buya, Maria makes a slight mistake. At the end of the 14th show, Maria leaves buya at a very critical point. He cannot walk since one side is paralysed. Maria in open light leaves Buya at the mercy of whoever will come across him the first.

In Sultana 15th December 2022, it will be revealed if Maria will actually leave Buya or she will have second thought and come back to his aid.

Sultana Citizen Tv 14th December 2022 Full Episode Written updates as uploaded on Viusasa.

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