Episode 25 12Th December 2022

Obaro in Sultana 12th December 2022 Episode is very much disappointed. This is after he learned that Maria is the one dragging them back from being wealthy.

Obaro is the area kingpin. He vows to revenge since the jewellery could have made them very rich.

Episode 26 12Th December 2022

Episode 26 12Th December 2022 Bi Salama finally shows an act of mercy for Sultana’s pregnancy by preparing medicine for her to take. The medicine is to help deal with vomiting.

On tye other side Fatima is restless. She is very much worried after hearing that detective called major Jabali.

Major was notified that goons behind Buya’s disappearance are being investigated and not too soon they will be accountable of their unlawful action.

Source: Viusasa



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