Sultana Citizen Tv 11th November 2022 written updates part 1 and 2

Fatima and Dida to be interrogated

Is Sultana 11th show, Fatima and Dida are interrogated by the investigative agency. The two are expected to give their part of story concerning the death and attack of Buya.

In the episode of 10th November, Fatima receives a call. Major speaks on her behalf but she proposes to answer the questions from Jabali’s home.

Sada upon hearing this she cannot give it a second thought. Together with Dida, they force to be interrogated from the Crime scene.

Sultana Citizen Tv 11th November 2022 – Full Episode Written by Tambua Africa News Kenya

Buya of Sultana Citizen Tv was send by Fatima’s goons who attacked him. The two beat up the old man and killed him.

They later dumped his body in a dust bin.

Buya really suffered after his only house was auctioned. Jj who come to bi’s rescue rented a house for him at a hidden place. Fatima followed Dida and noticed Buya was still linked to his daughter something she never liked.

What will happen incase the truth is revealed?

Incase the truth is revealed, Dida will never forgive her mother Fatima. Fatima and her goons will also be guests of the cell since the case is now taken over by the police.

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