Major Jabali has turned heartless to his wife in Sultana Citizen Tv show 10th January 2023

This comes after the king of the house takes his wife to a cave like room away from the mansion. Major does all this as a solution to create some peace to himself.

It should be noted that Bi Ua ran demented after Major hit her and she fell on the stairs causing head damage and injury.

Her madness is also connected to memories she gets in the current house where she claims to have given birth to a baby girl but no one understands her.

By matter of fact, Bi Ua delivered a baby girl Sultana who was thought dead by Asya and midwife Bi Salama. She was switched with a boy Jj.

Major is now doing all this since Ua is noisy and stubborn hence denying him space to think and draw conclusions.

As Ua is locked outside her own house, Fatima takes over. She tells Ua that it is her time. In the house Fatima turns to be romantic to Jabali. This shows clearly that she is in LOVE with Major Jabali.

Fatima in Sultana 10th January 2023, promises to cook very delicious food for the old man and if he doesn’t feed himself then she will definitely feed her.

More surprising, Fatima regrets Major Jabali’s decision could have come early. As all this is happening, Dida witnesses part of it.

Sultana Pays Kokan a visit on 10th January 2023

Sultana who has been disturbed with her pregnancy pays Kokan a surprise visit. They also turn romantic for a moment where Kokan feed Sultana with a drink (Juice). Sultana comes to Kokan after visiting the hospital. What is she cooking?

Jabali Junior JJ fights Major in Sultana Citizen Tv 10th January 2023

After news reached him about his dad, Jj is very much disturbed on what he can do to help his mother.

The information reaches Jj in Sultana 10th January 2023 episode through Auntie Sada from Dida that Jabali is crazy and might harm Bi Ua.

Jj requests Sada to go and face his father but Sada turns down saying she is planning something and won’t accompan Jj.

On arrival, Jj is blocked by his father from reaching where Bi Ua is locked. Major Jabali also disown Jj. The argument ignites and tension rises following the struggle to rescue his mother. Major Jabali hits Jj one blow and he obeys to reach the floor.

Jj comes up ready for tye fight as Sultana Citizen Tv show 10th January 2023 ends.

Is Sultana 11th January 2023, the show is expected to begin with a fight between Major and Jj. To watch the show ahead of everyone else, you are advised to check on Viusasa.

Other Sultana Citizen Tv show writers include, Nandwa Isaac and MVI of

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