Below we are going to discuss How to Request for the SKIZA Tunes Service

(a) Browse through the catalogue and select the SKIZA tune or SKIZA tunes you would like to purchase. Take note of the SKIZA tune code and then request for the SKIZA tune using one of the following methods:


  1. USSD – Dialling *811# and following the prompts; or

B. Interactive Voice Response

  1. Interactive Voice Response – Dial 811 and follow the voice prompts; or


  1. SMS – Send an SMS with the keyword ‘SKIZA’ and the code of the SKIZA tune that you would like to purchase to 811 e.g. SKIZA 5000001; or

D. Internet

  1. The internet (including WAP). Log on to the following website

You must ensure you are eligible for the SKIZA Tunes Service.

Below are the eligibility criteria:

  1. The SKIZA Tunes Service is available for both Post and Pre-Pay subscribers on Safaricom’s network.
  2. There shall be no registration for the SKIZA Tunes Service.  
  3. SKIZA Tunes Service is not valid when a subscriber is out of the county or is on Safaricom’s roaming service.
  4. SKIZA Tunes Service is not valid for diverted calls, secondary lines for subscribers with dual SIM cards.
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