Zora is Pregnant. The news won’t sound light after the celebrity, wife to a Gangster in the show confirms pregnant for another Man.

It cannot be imaginable how Zora boasts about her husband Fellah can afford carrying Madiba’s pregnancy. She is very much confused on how Nana will receive the news the time they will erupt.

Hassan confirmed to the show lovers pregnant. This was very much shocking and stimulating to the fans who may want to know whose pregnancy it is. Zora appears to be disturbed and makes it worse after asking herself question that needed no one to answer.

She finally consoles herself not to worry about it since it has already happened. She also encourages herself not to worry since the man is also responsible for another woman’s pregnancy who happens to be her best friend. “NANA”.

This is a show update on Zora citizen tv show 24rt December 2021.


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