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Sanaipei Tande explains why she Exited Kina Tv Show as Nana Tandala

Nana Tandala is a role played by Sanaipei Tande on Maisha Magic East. She acts as a rich woman who rose from grass to grace, making a lot of achievements through Kina Waters’ business.

Nana Tandala is also a wife to Deputy Inspector General Fred Tandala, whom they are blessed with 2 kids, Kwame and Zuri.

Nana Tandala real name Sanaipei Tande early 2023 announced to exit the Kina Waters of Maisha Magic East Tv show role. However, she did not give a satisfying reason to the show lovers and fans as to why she landed on her decision.

Bowing to the social media pressure and circulating rumours about payment disagreement, the Nana Tandala player slashed all allegations, pointing out that it was out of her own mind.


Sanaipei Tande said the main role in Kina Waters was exerting too much pressure on her. Hence, she needed some break to rest.

She also went ahead explaining that it was due to chronic fatigue.

She was shocked to hear fans say she left Kina Waters role Nana Tandala due to beef. According to Nana, people go to jobs to earn a living and not to make friends.

All these developing stories unfolded during an interview with Oga Obinna during the Kulacooler program.

Nana Tandala’s role continues even after her exit. According to her, Nana Tandala replacement to the actresses is done to allow the play to continue since it’s not Nana who left the script, but it’s the role player Sanaipei Tande.

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