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Robert Alai outlines 11 Key Promises to Kileleshwa Ward residents once elected as MCA 2022

Blogger Robert Alai Onyango is Kenyan by birth. He is currently living in Kileleshwa where he is vying for Member of National Assembly (MCA).

“My Name is Alai. I am asking for to serve as your MCA for Kileleshwa”

Robert Alai shared his 11 key promise he wishes to do for the people of Kileleshwa.

Robert Alai Promises for Kileleshwa Ward residents:

1. Innovation Centres

To reignite the social resources and innovation centres to spur the sharing of ideas and easy spotting of talented among the youths.


2. Creative Sectors

To unlock all the opportunities in the creative and knowledge economies for the residents.

3. Living Conditions

Ensure clean living conditions in our neighborhood with special focus on open spaces, walking and cycling paths as well as other public utilities to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Lobby for and get funding for a standardized one stop grocery stores in the estates guaranteed hygiene standards, and operations inspected by Public Health Offices and the city inspectorate departments.

5. Education

Reemphasize the value of education the ward following the recent data indicating a high dropout rate among teenagers.

6. Motorcycle Riders (BodaBoda)

Retrain and make motorcycle riders partners in promotion of good habits like the protection of good habits like the protection of the most vulnerable and guardians of the community hence ‘Eye’ of the law enforcers who will always see something and say something.

7. Social and Community BrotherHood.

He will promote social and community brotherhood where the more efficient partner with the less privileged to share excess food and also build linkages.

8. Water

Embrace Baba’s maji kw akila boma promise to ensure each household has access to clean water.

9. Rewards

Promote, acknowledge and rearward the success of all members of the community.

10. Women and Youth

Explore and share more opportunities with our women and youth as hey form a critical backbone of the community.

11. Information

Develop and produce a community run digital magazine to be the mouth piece, engage Kileleshwa residents and act as Kileleshwa’s market place.

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