President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived at Nyayo Stadium at 10.15am on Tuesday for the funeral service of the late, retired President Daniel Moi.

He donned a fresh flower lapel on his suit, synonymous with Mzee Moi during his days in power.

Mzee Moi’s body left State House at 9.18am after the head of state and his family paid their last respects. 

The casket covered with the national flag of Kenya was placed in a military truck ready for a procession to Nyayo Stadium.

Making its exit, through Gate A at State House, the truck was driven slowly, with the military band playing.

Military officers marched in a procession on both sides of the truck as they headed to Processional Way.

Navy officers dressed in white and Air Force officers dressed in blue marched through Uhuru Highway, down to Bunyala Roundabout and finally to Nyayo Stadium.

The route was closed off to the public and some Kenyans were seen at a distance.

Ahead of the military band was a motorcade.

The military truck arrived at Nyayo Stadium at 10.30am

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