Zora citizen tv show Kenya

In the show Zora, after Oliver is killed and Nana is arrested, many questions are now asked on who may be the cause of death. Show lovers are eagerly waiting to see how the police will uncover the matter and bring perpetrators to book.

We have so many suspects just from the previous show happenings.

Suspects behind Oliver’s death in the show

  1. Yola
  2. Zalena
  3. Kwame
  4. Nana
  5. Madiba
  6. Oscar
  7. Alma’s father

Why Nana is the key suspect?

Nana has been the Kingpin in the matter since she was the last person with Oliver. She had made love with him before he met his death. His car was also found with his confidential documents at Nana’s gate. Following this she may have a hard time to prove her innocence.

Why we may Suspect Zalena more than anyone else?

Zalena is also highly suspect from the bad relationship she had with her husband. We also find her Discussing with Kwame and she says she doesn’t Love Oliver atoll.

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