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Reasons why Raila Odinga will not be on Presidential Debate 2022 – Azimio

Raila Odinga Withdraws from the Presidential Debate. He explains the reasons why!

Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Amolo Odinga will not attend the presidential debate 2022. Sharing the information, Azimio presidential secretariat issued their position over the planned debate.

First, according to Odinga, On the closing day of the national campaign for the presidency, candidates are supposed to reinforce their social contract with the citizens. This is to help voters across the country have an opportunity to learn more about their candidates.

Raila Odinga says his has travelled across the country meeting his voters, hearing their concerns and through this he has established a common ground with all Kenyans.

Presidential Debate 2022

Odinga has finally degraded the presidential debate structure terming it as a bad idea. “Unfortunately, a traditional debate structure with opposing candidates joined together on stage is a bad idea this year.”


Explaining why, Azimio says their main opponent William Ruto has proven to do and say anything in his ungovernable greed for power. From the opinion shared, Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate has failed to in his campaign and his supporters are increasingly abandoning him.

By doing so he remains with only one bigger and larger platform to express his manifesto to Kenyans.

Raila Odinga has vowed not to give in his audience to listen to Ruto but intern he will establish a parallel debate with ordinary citizens.

“Our flag-bearer Rt Hon Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua will be part of the televised town hall at Jericho Social Hall in Nairobi’s Eastland’s with ordinary Kenyans to offer our solutions to the challenges facing the country and common people.

Our Flag bearer Rt Hon Raila Odinga and his running mate Hon Martha Karua, will answer questions put to them by the people of Kenya openly, Honestly and free from what would otherwise be nothing more than empty self-serving political theater.

Bottom Line.

Azimio Candidate Raila Odinga will not attend the presidential Debate 2022.

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