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Stop the HUSTLER vs DYNASTIES slogan, it’s dangerous, says Raila Odinga

Former prime Minister and ODM party leader Hon Raila Odinga has rebuked Dp William Ruto’s slogan terming it as dangerous. He went ahead suggesting that whoever uses it should be jailed and removed from office.

“I have learnt of a Bill by Parliament’s National Security Committee that seeks to criminalize Deputy President William Ruto’s ‘hustlers versus dynasties’ campaign slogan and proposes severe fines, jail time and even removal from office for any leader who propagates it.

As I have explained on several occasions, the “hustlers vs dynasties” is a dangerous slogan. It is scary in its similarity to Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism, most often referred to as Nazism, the ideology of the Nazi Party, which ruled Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Nazism profiled German society on the lines of race, social classes and tribe. It had the Aryan race, which it considered the master race, and whose survival Hitler pegged on the elimination of Jews, Romanis or Gypsies, the Indo-Aryan, the Slavs and the “inferior sub-humans” who were seen to be the problem in Germany.


These ideologies caused a great deal of trauma to Germany and the world. They ended in the Holocaust. I fear the “hustlers vs dynasties” narrative will have the same deadly consequences for Kenya as Nazism did for Germany.

However, I would strongly appeal to members parliament to drop any attempts to legislate against this otherwise deadly slogan.
As a country, we fought for, and should respect free speech and association.

We should be able to allow the Deputy President and his team to continue with their chosen slogan without any inhibitions. Those of us who see its dangers should continue educating our people against falling for it.

I have faith that Kenyans will see through this divisive and potentially deadly rhetoric and its attacks on fellow Kenyans, and reject it in the end.”

He posted on FACEBOOK.

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