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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Retirement package – SRC

Source; The presidential Retirement Benefits Act/SRC Gazette notices on Remuneration and and Benefits for State Officers.

Total gratuity allocationKSH 72M Annually (To increase to Ksh 79.2M)
House Allowance (pm)KSH 332,063
Fuel Allowance (pm)KSH 216,563
Entertainment Allowance KSH216,563
Lump sum PensionKSH 34.7M
Monthly Pension KSH 1,115,000
UtilitiesKSH 300,000
President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Retirement package

Other Benefits of a retired president include;

1. 4 Cars

A retired president is entitled to 2 Limousines that are replaceable after every 4 years.

2. 4 Messangers

3. 4 Secretaries

4. Full Medical cover

5. 4 Drivers and Bodyguard’s

6. Fully furnished offices

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