Zora is a Kenyan soap opera drama. A television series is aired on Citizen TV. It started in March 22, 2021 after the end of Maria.

Maria Citizen Tv show Season two is the wish for the fans. The two shows are produced by Jiffy Pictures manned by the Royal media news anchor Lulu Hassan.

The show airs weekdays at 7:30 p.m. EAT (UTC +03:00) on Citizen TV, as well as on Viusasa platform for subscribed users.

The end of Zora Citizen Tv predictions have hit all over Google and other relevant social media. It has not come out clear but the episodes are on their climax.

Sarah Hassan and Blessing Lung’aho

Zora – Sarah Hassan With Madiba – Blessing Lung’aho have the same acting biography. In the show the two are mad in love and cannot control themselves. Despite the obstacles they are passing through, Zora may end up marrying Madiba.

Sarah Hassan and Blessing Lung’aho

Zora citizen tv 28th February 2022, the current show, things will switch even more. Madiba has already kicked away his feelings for zora after noticing her husband is responsible for his father’s death.

Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia

Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia the hyper actor in Zora is also another top character. She plays her role as Nana. Nana is in love of Madiba on top of it she is pregnant for him.

Nana in the show is boiling in a cool warm after landing to the news that Fellah is arrested. This will now place her on high competition with Xora for her baby father Madiba.

Zora and Fellah

Zora and Fellah

Fellah plays the major role as Zora’s husband. He is the son to Makeba and the father to Simba.

In the show his history is not so good. He once worked with Pipi’s father master as gunmen. The bad history has been haunting him till he is now arrested.

Kenyans can’t wait for Zora Citizen tv 1st March 2022 full episode. They just want to know what happens after the mega arrests.

Sarah Hassan Biography

Zora pauses for a photo shot at ShowMax

ShowMax: Zora pause for a photo shot. ( zoratoday.com )

To know more about Sarah Hassan, her Marriage, husband, children, Biography and networth, visit her official website https://sarahhassan.com/

Sarah Hassan is a multi-award-winning actress, producer and TV host. She is one of Africa’s most established actors and TV personalities.

She started acting at the age  of 5 and became a household name when she played popular girl, Tanya in Citizen TV’s long-running high school drama Tahidi high, a debut role that earned her an award for Best Actress at the CHAT Awards twice in 2010 and 2011.

We appreciate Royal media services for growing and developing talents in the country. It also creates employment hence reducing the number of unemployed Youths in the society.

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