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Pastor Ezekiel Odero Visits Maximum Miracle Centre (Pius Muiru) for a Special Service

17th May 2023. Pastor Ezekiel Odero at Maximum Miracle Centre Nairobi.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life International Church has today paid a friendly visit to Pastor Pius Muiru’s Maximum Miracle Centre Church for a special service.

“Pastor Ezekiel is in town at Maximum Miracle Centre. Apparently, this is the church of his brother pastor Pius Muiru of the famous kuna nuru gizani quote and once a presidential candidate. It’s full to capacity by this time and the followers are still filling the street. As we speak Dubios/Latema road has been barricaded by two police landcruisers. No entry. I’ll talk about religion in my old age. Neno litaendelea.” Ochieng

His visit to Maximum Miracle Centre in Nairobi has pulled thousands of Kenyans to witness the mission. This comes after Pastor Ezekiel Odero was attached to the rogue pastor Paul Mackenzi.

He was further set free but on condition. Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s accounts are currently frozen for 30 days to allow for investigations to take place. His television is also to remain offline until the court rules, so to continue with services.


Currently, Pastor Ezekiel Odero has requested to withdraw 50M shillings from the frozen account to allow him to run the international school and other personal requirements.

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