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Opera News Awards May Challenge that will help you pocket Ksh 15,000

opera news hub has announced the May Challenge. This has been the trend since the beginning of the year 2023, as contributors have had a chance to win thousands on cash money bonuses widely known as opera news awards.

In the May Challenge, contributers will have to participate in given platforms in order to pocket their money. This includes less rejection challenge and most published challenge.

1. Less Rejection Challenge – opera news magazine

During the Less rejection May challenge on (opera news magazine), Contributors are encouraged to keenly follow Opera NewsHub’s rules and regulations in order NOT to have their articles rejected.

An author who manages to get ZERO rejection stands a chance to win KSh 15,000 cash bonus.



Here are the conditions for Less rejection Opera News challenge

  • Total Published Articles >=130 (at least 130)
  • Average words >=280 (at least 280)
  • Average clicks >=3,500 (at least 3500)
  • Total rejections <=5 (at most 5)


Contributors with 0 rejection and all other conditions pockets KSh. 15,000. In circumstances of more than 1 winner, the money is to be shared equally among winners, with a guarantee of KSh. 7,500.

This means that if there are more than 2 winners, each winner will get KSh. 7,500, but if there is only one winner, he/she will get the whole KSh. 15,000)

For contributers with 1-3 rejections with all other conditions adhered to gets KSh. 4,000 while 4-5 rejections plus all other conditions walks away with KSh. 2,000.

2. Most Published Challenge in opera news awards

In the most publishing challenge, all one has to do is publish as many articles as he or she can in order to stand a chance of winning the KSh. 4,000 top prize.


Here are the conditions for most publishing challenge on Opera news,

  • Minimum Clicks: 200,000
  • Average word:280

How will winners of Opera News May Challenge receive Payments:

According to Opera news announcement, winners will be announced in June 2023.
Prizes will be paid along with the May articles’ payment in June 2023. Contributors have been encouraged to observe the following during their publishing challenge in order to stand high chances for winning.

  • Originality
  • Professionalism
  • Clear logic
  • Good layout
  • High-definition and good quality graphics

How to Submit your posts on Opera News,

To submit posts on Opera News is not a complicated task. Login to your account with your correct credentials if you are already registered and start exercising your creative writing.

In case you are a new member, register and start creating content since no qualification is required.

Who owns Opera News?

Opera Software is owned by Beijing located businesses. It is still China owned and operates under Chinese law.

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