Zora Today

Part 1

Kwame storms out of the House without a single word to Madiba. Madiba follows calling but all in vain. He is not given a chance to ask any question.

At Fellah’s House we find Mama Fellah with Zora having their Mothery moments together. MAMA Zora notices something strange about his daughter in law’s love. She openly ask her if genuinely she loves Fellah but Zora remains silent and pointless.

“Zora we na Fellah Munaendelea aje, na usinidanganye kwa sababu najua kila kitu, nilidhani mimi na wewe tulipigania Fellah abadilike. Amebadilika sasa naskia wewe na madiba. Zora nini mbaya, unataka nini”

Kwame arrives at Nana’s House

He finds Nana on the floor not showing any form of breathing. As Kwame takes the next step on the other side Mama Fellah opens up the truth to her son. She informs him Zoras heart is not even closer to Loving Fellah.

Kwame calls Zalena

Come to the hospital right now. Don’t waste time come to the hospital. Funny enough Kwame did not call Madiba her husband. What went wrong and where?

Mama Zora under Instructions

Mama Zora’s time is tickling, but she still remains undecided. She has not landed a final blood to sacrifice. Mama zora is confused who to kill between Zora her daughter and Simba her grand son. The two are her best Love. She is supposed to do it within three days or else face the Wrath of the gods.

Neema Of Zora Citizen Tv

What happened?

Mafiba question Kwame but he seams not ready to offer him any explanation. Madiba is confused and disturbed about Kwame’s behaviour and reactions to his concern.

Part 2

Right at the hospital, Kwame is working on a P3 information. Kwame has taken all over not allowing Madiba any chance to know what is going on.

Zora Receives a call: Neema calls informing Nana is dead after committing suicide. Zora immediately calls Nana’s phone where she finds Kwame. She is calmed after hearing Nana is still in the doctors hands and he has no information.

Ogola Cries Nana: Ogola Cries on top of his voice. He Joins Neema mourning Nans as he accuses himself as the major cause. He jocks including some love sarcasm.

The same information is passed to Loretta and Oscar.

Zora and Fellah head to the hospital.

Mama zora Meets Mama Kwatemba

Mama Zora finally Meets her village time friend. She used to wash clothes for her. Shockingly she now manages her sons houses in Nairobi estate. Mama Zora vows to be rich now. This will now pressurise to sacrifice her own daughter.

Fellah and Zora Meet Madiba in hospital.

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