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Part 1

Inside Zora Citizen Tv part 1 Zora calls Madiba through Hamida’s number. She wants to confirm from him how Nana got the information about their secret meeting. Madiba shuts her up requesting her to exercise what she said not to call her. Zora is disturbed by this answer.

“Mwenzangu ulikubali kuupanda Mchongoma, Nakuombea ushuke salama.” Hamida wishes Zora success in this love war that she started.

On the other side We see Loretta trying to find her way down the stairs. Just right at the second step up her thoughts are taken away by what transpired on the day she was hit by the car. She falls terribly and helplessly. Neema and Kwame run to help. She vows Zora must pay.

Zora finds her way to Nana’s Home

Zora after failing to get some explanation from Madiba, she decides to have a Healthy relationship with Nana.

“Nana sijakuja kwa ubaya. Sukukutana na Madiba ju tuko na relationship but ilikuwa because of Loretta.” Zora explains. Things happen not to be working well for her. Also Nana sends her away in a very bad way throwing her away from the door step.

Oscar meets Boaz

Oscar pays Boaz a visit. He has come to make Boaz aware of them killing his brother Oliver. He is even accompanied with the witness the thug who was send to kidnap Oliver. Boaz is asked to cut shot the pressure about Almas death and also delete the evidence or else he rots in jail.

Part 2

Money is lost

Poor Mama Zora is not aware money is not on her account. First she has spend a good time drinking. After arriving home the driver calls asking for his 30,000 pay. Mama Zora tries to do some transactions but shockingly she gets a notification of Insufficient Funds.

She tries to reach out the bank but asked to visit the branch. Mama Zora tries to remember something about Milton that we don’t know. This will be revealed in the next episode of 2nd February 2022 full part 1 and 2.

Madiba reconciles with Nana

“From now on, ukiharibu mambo it’s all on you.” Zalena speaks after bringing Nana back to Madiba. He receives her in a sorry mood.

As they are left below the stairs, Kwame is disturbed about Zalena’s move. He questions why she is so much in agreement with Nana’s relationship with Madiba. His mother explains very well why she is doing this. And it is not for anything else but for her child’s safety.

Nana requests for pure honesty. She expresses how she loves Madiba so much. She also requests for a ring and wedding date. But after saying this Madiba promises the wedding will happen but be patient until the baby is born.

Zora sinks into thoughts

Zora thinks about the statements she got from Nana. She also thinks about Madiba’s call. Zora forgets the tap was running hence some water spills off the full bucket.

Loretta Questions Oscar

Loretta asks how real Oscar was when he said Zalena is a good person and Oliver is a bad person. Oscar remains pointless but shock her with only one statement that we expect to expound on in the next Zora Tuesday 2nd February 2022 episode.

“Oscar na Zalena ndio waliniframe na story ya madawa. Ndio nikawa arrested for 30 years.”. This is why Oscar was arrested for 30 years.

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