In Sultana Citizen Tv show of 2nd December 2022, Obaro asks Maria on Buya’s whereabouts. The two seem to build some biff after she refused to pay 50 Bob tax.

Obaro claims Maria should have some information concerning Buya that she does not want to share.

Obaro: (Holding Buya’s poster) Si huyu ndiye huyo mzee wako? Sipendi kujirudia.

Maria: Mi sijui.

Obaro: Saa hio ni kumaanisha nini?

Obaro is bitter after continuously being undermined by Maria.

Obaro claims his boys have confirmed the man in the picture is the one they saw at the dumping site. He says the body was located in his location and Maria should also take part in looking for him.

On the other side Fatima asks if Major is satisfied with Dida;s answer on who she is walking with. Faima claims its Sada who is corrupting Dida’s mind just like she did to Jj.

“Kwanza,,, Huyi kisirani tunamalizana naye lini? Huyu ni mtu ambae ningedeal nae kitambo sana lakini kwa sababu ni dadayako, nikaamua kumuonyesha utu wangu.”

Fatima wants to deal with Sada. She commands Major to do something since she is denying then some breath and freedom.

More to come on Sultana tomorrow’s episode……

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