Kenya, Nairobi, 6th December 2022 Sultana Citizen Tv show written updates

Sultana is a Swahili Telenovela acted in the coastal region of Kenya. It is about a young blind girl Sultana (Mwanaasha Johari).

She is a girl born of a man Major Jabali obsessed by a male heir. After birth Sultana was Switched by the House girl Bi Asya and midwife Bi Salama.

The two exchanged the baby girl with a newly born boy Jabali Junior (Jj – Othman Njaidi) the same night but to him, unfortunately his mother died in the process of delivery.

During the process, Bi Ua the wife to Major Jabali had lost consciousness but overheard Asya and Salama saying the child was a girl. This has been running through Bi Ua’s mind even in her madness.

That is just a recap of what Sultana Citizen Tv show is all about. Focusing on Sultana Citizen Tv 6th December 2022 todays full episode, we come across Dida the only known daughter to Buya looking for his father.

She is in the struggle to rescue Buya with the help of her boyfriend Kaka. Buya was attacked by goons sent by Fatima his wife. According to Fatima and the instruction she gave, Buya is dead but by chance he survived.

Buya is currently nursing wounds at the ghetto in Maria’s house. After the news went viral about a body spotted in the dumping site, Obaro has never rested until he finds his body. He suspects Maria knows where the man claimed to be dead is.

Obaro after reading posters about missing person posted by Dida in Sultana 6th December 2022, he decides to call the number.

Obaro request for a half a million claiming to know where the man is. This shocks Dida. In Sultana 7th December 2022 Full Episode, we cant wait to see how mathematical Dida is. She is supposed to lay down strategies on how to rais the named price on 0.5M to rescue her lovely father.

More on Sultana 7th December 2022 Full Episode to follow.

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