Wash Wash is a terminology used by Kenyans to refer to an illegal kind of business linked to Conmanship. The main objective of the business is to acquire wealth without sweating within a short period of time.

One of the major links to this kind of business is the Radio presenter and Comedian Mzee Jalang’o. Kenyans have never set him free questioning the source of richness he owns. For real the man is rich, Mzee Jalang’o wealth status ranks among the money drivers in the country owning expensive houses and vehicles.

But severally on interview Jalas denies the allegations. He opens how he struggled to stabilise his brand. Emotionally Jalang’o says indeed he is rich but he feels more pain when falsely being accused of the wash wash business.

Mzee Jalang’o is a Media personality. He drives a show under the Kiss Fm brand. He also owns the Jalangotv.com blog and Jalang’o TV on YouTube. Despite being so much rooted in the entertainment and creativity industry he also has ambition to extend his branches into Politics.

Mzee Jalang’o is eying the Member of Parliament seat in Lang’ata Constituency, Nairobi.

Source: Jalang’o TV News Updates. From the site you also get His biography ie, Jalango real names, wife, children, Lifestyle, networth and pay per month, Salary, Education and politics.

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