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Niger Coup: President Ruto calls for immediate release of Bazoum

Niger Coup is now the trending topic across all media. This is after a number of state bosses, including Kenya’s President William Ruto, who have come out to condemn Niger Coup.

Through his recent speech, Ruto has urged for immediate release of President Mohamed Bazoum, who was seized by the presidential guard.

The Niger Coup is led by Abdourahamane Omar Tiani.

He overthrew the government and just declared himself the new leader of Niger at 62-year-old Abdourahamane Omar Tiani.


Abdourahamane Omar Tiani has been the presidential guard since 2011 (appointed by the former president) and was about to be fired, according to a Nigerien newspaper

Mohamed Bazoum is unshakeable with a strong stand that he’s the democratically elected president of Niger and has no intention to resign.

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