Just In: Sultana Citizen Tv Today 31st March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2

Sultana Citizen Tv show is a Kenyan movie series. Its settings base on a small village with very few rich people. It is acted in Kiswahili language with little infusion of English.

Sultana Citizen Tv in reality mirrors a certain region from the coastal region of Kenya. The main actor is Sultana (Mwanaasha Johari). She plays the role of being blind.

In Zora Citizen Tv 3st March 2022 we come across the two brothers and sisters Maneno and Bi Salama.

Maneno hates his sister Bj salama because she did not take care of Zuu. When Zuu was born, her mother died. Maneno had to remain with the little baby and take care of her until now she is a grown-up.

Maneno is bitter when he remembers that picture. More worse, Bi Salama has decided to stay with Baby Sultana. He is not OK with the idea suggesting she takes her to the children’s home.

Maneno visits Bi Salama at her home. It is evening at night evident when Salama is seen preparing supper for her brother.

Bi Salama has been waiting for such like moment in Sultana Citizen Tv show 31st March 2022. The two hold healthy talks in company with Babu (Lolani Kalu).

Bi Salama and Maneno after resolving their issues have a Handshake that embraces Babu.

“Napenda kuona hivyo sasa.” He says.

Sultana Citizen Tv 31st March 2022 part 1 and 2 are the last episodes paving way for the April episodes that will start streaming on Friday 1st 2022.

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