In Sultana 2nd December 2022 Bi Ua witnesses her Vomiting. The narrative on whether she is pregnant or not is to be disclose in Sultana 5th December 2022 Full Episode.

This is one of the sign that most parents more so mothers use to suspect if a girl is pregnant before doctors confirmation. If Sultana shall be confirmed pregnant then that becomes a hit on Jj who is eying to be her husband. From the previous episodes fans had already concluded that Jj and Sultana have genuine love for each other.

This comes after Sultana was given permission to go on a date with Kokan. In the event, Kokan gave her alcohol and took advantage of her body when she was drunk. Kokan used this opportunity to have unprotected sex with the poor blind girl since he knew she could not accept it in her real senses.

Jj who is already in depression of being served with a divorce letter will not have the energy to get another dropped bombshell.

Sultana Citizen Tv 5th December 2022 full episode will be uploaded on Viusasa ahead of the normal date it should be aired live. From the Sultana today’s written updates, Sultana citizen Tv is a show that airs on Citizen Tv. It is owned by Lulu Hassan and produced by Jiffy Productions.

The Tv series involves a blond poor girl who was born and switched at birth.

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