Nelson Mahanga Mwita Biography, Age, Wife, Children and Cause Of Death

Nelson Mahanga Mwita: The Former Migori Deputy Governor

Nelson Mahanga Mwita was an influential figure in Migori County, serving as the Deputy Governor. Born in 1959, he dedicated his life to public service and making a positive impact on his community. With unwavering dedication, he worked tirelessly to bring about improvements and uplift the lives of the people he served.

Family Life

Nelson Mahanga Mwita led a fulfilling personal life, being happily married to his wife and blessed with children. His family was a source of strength and support throughout his journey.

Sad Demise

Tragically, the news of Nelson Mahanga’s passing shook the community he served. At the age of 64, he passed away while undergoing treatment at Nairobi’s MP Shah Hospital. Despite the shock, the specific cause of his death is yet to be disclosed.

The news of Nelson Mahanga’s untimely demise was shared by the current Governor, Ochillo Ayako, through a heartfelt message on Facebook. Governor Ayako lauded Mahanga’s commitment to public service and acknowledged his dedication to bettering the lives of the people he served.

“With great commiseration, we register our sincere condolences to the family, friends and the people of Migori for having lost such a useful leader,” Governor Ayako said.

The loss of Nelson Mahanga is deeply felt, as he was regarded as a devoted leader who always strived to make a positive difference in society.

In honor of his memory, Nelson Mahanga’s body has been moved to Lee Funeral Home, where loved ones and well-wishers can pay their respects.

“The family and friends who are meeting at his Riruta Satellite home in Nairobi said his body was moved to the Lee Funeral Home.”

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