Nana’s Pregnancy gives her headache as days go by. Nana is seen very much worried whenever one mentions about her Pregnancy. The controversial role player has been engaged to too many men in the show.

First she was a materialistic women. She loved engaging all rich men in the city. She also had a strong feeling to Madiba till things fell apart on the wedding day. This happened after Zora interfered with the wedding as they were in the process of exchanging rings.

After things fall apart, Nana decides to fall in for the Famous Politicians in town Mr Chibale. Chibale Oliver had already shown some interest on the very first day Nana stepped in his House. This even made him secure a job for Nana after she was fired at school for profession misconduct.

Nana also had an in room engagement with fellah when she was drunk. But who knows we have no idea what went on after fellah curried Nana to her bedroom.

This instances are giving the Boss lady AKA Teacher Nana headache on who may be the biological owner of her pregnancy. She is disturbed buy the simple mathematics that are not adding up with the doctors report.

Nana come to this deep thought after Milton quarreled Auntie Loretta who drove her sharp piercing words to Nana’s heart. Loretta is commanded to leave the house and settle at her own place of interest within 24 hours. She rebukes Milton saying she has been hearing all this for a long time and nothing has ever happened. So it was like planting a dry seed on a rock.

“Milton, you are treasuring this trash, but how sure are we if the pregnancy belongs to Oliver your father or Madiba.” She states.

Although she appears soft but she plans her words in a sequence that will live to disturb Nana’s heart.

Those word push Nana to a calendar. She tries to remember when she had her first engagement with Oliver. But all this don’t work up. Who do you think is responsible for Nanas Pregnancy?

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