The Rai Family set to press the first button in its milling operation in the first Quarter of the year. Naitiri Sugar company one of the West Kenya Sugar Company branch siting on whooping acreage has been listed under the multimillion projects in the country.

Recently the company experienced kickbacks after carrying out the recruitment of its employees. Through media the KNUT chairman Tongaren region sounded a warning on the criteria used to employ workers in the company. It was pointed out that the company was to benefit the local residents with a higher percentage.

West kenya is set to start its branch operations in the fits quarter where farmers will be left with no option but to smile since weighing and payment will be more faster compared to the previous days.

Naitiri Sugar company location

Naitiri Sugar is located in Bungoma County, Bungoma North Sub-county, Tongaren Constituency, Naitiri/Milima Lungai Village ward. It is planted left on your way to Naitiri using the Turbo road from Sikhendu.

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