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Nadia Mukami, Masauti slam Omondi after being Disrespected by Mbosso

Nadia Mukami and Masauti Kenyan Music makers hit the gossip zone after being Disrespected in Mombasa show. The two were sent off the stage even without finishing their performance on arrival of Mbosso a Tanzanian Bongo Musician.

This happened after Mbosso arrived late at the planned show where he was scheduled to perform. On his arrival Mukami and Masauti were OK the stage performing. But the two were told to cut down their performance even after Masauti pleading to finish his performance.

It was not in order for that decision since the two were not allowed to express their plea to the show organizers.

This has not ended in Mombasa after Eric Omondi posts the matter on his Instagram page. The two happen to clash in thoughts after Nadia replied to Omondi’s post with a Promotion message instead of reacting positively.


Omondi posts

Ironically, Nadia rudely replied with an advertisement message. For this, most Kenyans were not happy with her and she had to say something meaningful thereafter.

Omondi says Kenyan artists will continue suffering and being Disrespected until the time they will listen to him. He opens up on how the current generation musicians have failed and he is trying much to bring up a totally new breed.

This is a pure Disrespect from Mbosso who had to ask for their time at his own lateness expense. This has stimulated the discussion on 75% local music play and show domination in the country.

Speaking to BillyMiya and Mbaruk Mwalimu Masauti expressed his heart broken since his job was was not respected. He says new artists are trusted and treated as Kings in the Kenya home ground.

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