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Nadia Mukami and lover Arrow Bwoy announce pregnancy during LOLA & SAFARI Foundation launch


Kenyan celebrity in love Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy announce pregnancy in public. From their first reveal the two presented Lola and Safari Foundation.

Lola and Safari Foundation by Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy is a movement targeting majorly on the female gender. It is set to come up with a financial plan that will see through Young Girls and Mothers who have financial difficulties.

This will include during pregnancy, two child birth and lastly in maternity health care.

“Lola and Safari Foundation also focuses on teenage girls who have dropped out of school due to early pregnancy.” Accompanying the initiative with a hash tag IT CAN WAIT their plan.

According to the source Lola and Safari is a name Nadia Mukami had suggested to give their child that the two lost through miscarriage. “We gave out the name in honor of our child that we lost earlier.”

The vision of the initiative is to break barriers and ensure no dream is killed for gender sake. According to ArrowBwoy and Nadia Mukami the Mission of Lola and Safari is to educate, empower, mentor, nurture and support young girls and mothers to become self sufficient.

Nadia Mukami Miscarriage

previously Singer Nadia Mukami had slammed Mzee Jalang’o for criticizing her miscarriage through a national Radio. The couple happen to be overwhelmed with joy expecting for what they treasure and dream of.

Nadia Mukami Music

The Wangu hit maker has many songs in her gallery. Just to mention few like Jipe, Roho mbaya, kolo, Radio Love, Nipe yote, Si rahisi, Tesa and Lola.

ArrowBwoy Music.

Arrow Bwoy too has hit songs like Unconditional love, Dodo, Jango Love, Digi digi, Fashionsta, Raha and Niache Niende.

Their songs are available for download in Mp4 Video format and Mp3 Audio format in all digital platforms like YouTube at YouTube.com, Mdundo at Mdundo.com, Mzuka Kibao at Mzukakibao.com, Mziki media at Mzikimedia.com, boom play etc.

Below is a photo of ArrowBwoy and Nadia Mukami in love.

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami in love



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