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Meet Mwambe the Gateman of Maria Citizen tv Real Life and wife


Mwambe Of Maria Citizen Tv

Mwambe of Maria Citizen TV is an actor in the Maria Series who has gained so much fame and popularity.

Mwambes Role

He plays the role of a Gateman in the Maria series. He brings out clearly the characteristics of gatemen in the country. Mwambe loves speaking English,boss William promises him to start the adult classes in order to be perfect in speaking his English. He sounds funny and humorous by his Giriama accent that makes fans crack there ribs and enjoy watching the series. He is one of the best characters who make fans glued to there screens.

Mwambes real Name

Mwambe’s real name is Tindo Mwanzele. He loves fashion so much and his clothing designs are always trendy, he is a responsible man leaving out his character in Maria where he is a naive watchman. Mwanzele has been in the acting industry for quite some time and has acted in some local series, thanks to Maria Series which has helped him gain fame and popularity in the country and also have a lot of social media followers.

His humble life.

Mwanzele is a down to earth man,a very humble person just like his character Mwambe. As Maria fans we can all agree that Mwambe is a talented actor isn’t it? He makes the series to be full of life.

People’s Opinion

Mwanzele will still venture in more movie Series as it seems he is a professional actor who has maintained his position in the acting industry despite the competition of upcoming actors and actresses. Keep soaring high Mwanzele.


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