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Mr Matthews Namunwa Principal St Joseph’s Nyabigena sec School is dead

Mr Mathew Namunwa, met his fate on a weekend as he visited his home. Accordimg to family sources, the principal collapsed and was rushed to Mediheal Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Condolence Message

1. French Man

Mr Matthews Namunwa was an amazing human being, an amazing teacher and an amazing mentor who always motivated his students and teachers.

It saddened my heart hearing about his death. All the lessons he taught me will be with me always. His speech on the parade were always a class session. Death cannot take away a good person so he will always remain alive in our hearts.

Everyone who knows him is going to miss his presence. Mwalimu was an MP aspirant in the new born Tongaren-Ndalu constituency he was overwhelmingly leading the odds.

2. Jonathan Karibu

I never thought I would be writing this. Ndalu, Tongaren & Brigadier shall never Be the same again. Shine on your way Sir! Jah sees! Jah Knows. Go well big man! Too strong to fall. Be strong my friend Kevin Namunwa.

3. Kevin Namunwa

My brother, best friend and my care taker while I was in form one ” Kevin Namunwa…. It is with deep sorrow to hear such a shocking news of our beloved dad…. Polee sanaa bro.. this has crushed my day…..May he Rest in eternity… Take heart brother Brothers

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