MoE commission CBC classroom at Muchungucha Secondary School in Murang’a county

Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has commissioned CBC classroom at Muchungucha Secondary School in Murang’a county. CS says Countrywide the construction is at 92percent.

The classrooms that are being built across the country is in readiness of grade 7 rollout. The grade 6 learners have only 8 month to join junior Secondary.


This is after the Government through the Ministry of Education decided to wave out the 8.4.4 system. According to the Ministry, the Old form of education is knowledge based hence it does not suit in the current century.


C.B.C will change the form of learning and content delivery by teachers in classroom. Unlike the 8.4.4, C.B.C will be learner centred.

The new for of Education will help develop the learners Competency and abilities that are beneficial to the society.



Tertiary Level

According to the C.B.C layout, a learner will be expected to take 17 years learning.

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