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Mixed Reactions after Ex Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko join Ruto’s UDA

Mike Mbuvi Sonko officially Joins UDA

Few Hours after Ex Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko announced his entry into UDA, Kenyans have expressed their views.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko on 29th July 2022 joined UDA. Through his social media, Sonko claimed to have tried his best to remain in Azimio La umoja but all did not work.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko who has been questioned over Nairobi County funds misappropriation was impeached by the County Assembly.

Sonko has been on the run to clear his name from court and contest for the Gubernatorial seat in Mombasa County.


Sonko’s joining UDA takes place few weeks after the Court held him back revoking his certificate to vie. The court of Kenya led by Justice Martha Koome kicked his ambitions saying he cannot vie in any other county after being impeached in Nairobi County.

According to Mike Sonko, he could not sustain the pressure after being pushed to the walls. He finally had to bow down to allow elections as scheduled as he finds his way to United Democratic Alliance – UDA.

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you this morning. You all know what has been going on and how I have been pushed to the wall trying to do my best for you my people of Mombasa. Time is not on our side and I have had to sit down as a leader…

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Mike Sonko – Twitter Reactions

After Mike Sonko News went viral across social media, KOT have done their best to express their feelings over the same. Below are sampled comments after Ex Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko joined UDA.

1. Politics without principles is one of the 7 deadly sins. Anyway, at least you are now with a group that values you, not like the other kuzimia. Btw, we in UDA know that you don’t peddle drugs.

Reply On Sonko News Today – It’s simply sonko was misplaced and now is in his right group, a group of looters,impunity,fake hustlers, people who don’t respect court outcomes but just use Uhuru as scapegoat..Sonko knows ones impeached always impeached and so his political journey is done

2. We all knew your mission from the word go,Ruto sent you to try and confuse our house but God said No, it is with a heavy heart that you return to your master with a failed mission. You are least qualified to join serikali cia Martha and Baba even as a sub-chief,you are back home.

3. You are explaining nothing Bwana Mike Sonko , You are now in the right gang where you belong , You wanted to Use Wiper of Kalonzo Musyoka in Azimio Coalition to sabotage the Mombasa county race while dinning in Sugoi man’s house DP Ruto! it Backfired now it’s Flip flops!

Another poster relied on Mike Sonko breaking News after the Court sealed his fate,

4. “Courts sealed your fate, go sit down watch the video of your impeachment and take responsibility stop blaming others you were not a leader you did bad for Nairobi and for yourself . Glad it’s over bye go in the name of God please go !!”

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