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Mind blowing news as behoove wheelbarrow politics sabotage his popularity

Who is William Ruto?

DP William ruto is the leader of the universal democratic Alliance party of Kenya UDA and deputy Party leader Jubilee Alliance. He is also the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya.

Reasons why Ruto advocates for Bottom Up Economic Model.

Deputy President William ruto with his Alliance the universal democratic party advocates for the bottom-up economic model which is in to help the poor people in the country level up with the rich. It also indicates how funds should be channeled empower citizens develop their own businesses and create employment to themselves in order to earn a living from it.

Following his politics in did he has been empowering women, youth and Men in the society from the most vulnerable areas with resources that can earn them self employment. Deputy president apart from issuing cash he has also been issuing the wheelbarrows and Mkokoteni as a way of empowering people.

The tools were to be used by beneficiaries to create employment opportunities like hawking and selling Water. This idea has not been received positively by other politicians saying this cannot change one from being a Hustler.


Though his creativity was aimed to earn him popularity in the country and improve on his percentage and probability of his presidential bid to the state house, but things are not working positively as he anticipated since other contestants are using the wheelbarrow idea to hand his popularity. We have seen in most cases the ODM Party leader the Right Honourable Raila Amolo odinga criticizing the wheelbarrow and advising citizens to shun away from the kind of politics and empty promises.

The effect has been revealed as a company did its own Poll research in the country concerning the party popularity and the popularity of the presidential contestants.

Poll Results

Although deputy President William Ruto is still leading the chart with a bigger percentage over his contestants Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi but it has been noted that his popularity is dropping day by day. So who may be leading the chat to the general election is the Bold question?

But from the look of things Raila Odinga is growing so the probability of him topping the chart according to the internal poll is at 90% unless his excellency Williams Samoei Ruto changes his kind of politics whereby he includes other ideas that are very new and much different from the ones he has been using previously.

Speaking to the media concerning the popularity Ruto rebuked the research indicating that it is null and void.

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