Zora Citizen Tv Show is one of the most loved show in the country Kenya. Its is acted in an urban setting revolving around love and betrayal. Zora citizen tv show has been a winning stimulating act targeting all people in the society. As the episodes and Seasons go on we witness many things that happen on real life. As we wait for Zora Citizen Tv show Tomorrow for 11th January 2022 Full Episode 1 & 2, let’s first discuss 10th January 2022 a Monday episode.

Zora Citizen Tv Witten Updates By Tambua Africa

1. Zora Citizen Tv part 1

“Ilibidi nichukue time off. Baba yangu nilimpoteza. So ilibidi nichukue time kwanza kurelax na kureflect ju ya hii maneno yote.”

Oscar tries to explain Loretta’s concerns. Although she doesn’t believe any point told by her brother. Oscar goes further saying the person to receive all the blames is Oliver. He is the genesis of all the problems making Zalena look bad.

Zalena has been living under the threat of Oliver. Kama Oliver ni mtu mzuri angefanya hayo alifanya.”

Oscar claims Oliver could not have engaged into love affairs with his Madiba’s lover. On the same note Loretta is asked to pray hard so that her share hits the account sooner. She is to sort out her own issues one being after attacking Zora.

Milton Speaks Fire: “One minute unapraisd Oliver vile amekulelea mtoto. Another minute you are bashing him vile amekuwa mhertless, and you expect me nikichukulie kama baba yangu.”

Zora and Hamida: Zora discussion dwells around Loretta’s decisions claiming to live with Fellah. Zora opens up how she warned Loretta and warns if she continues, she will face it rough.

Hamida reminds Zora the kind of mistreatment she received from Fellah. She also thanks God for the reconciliation but now worried with the attacks. She leaves the ball in Zoras court to make her own wise decision.

Fellah walks in: Fellah walks in unexpectedly making the two change story. She appears shocked and confused since the major part of their discussion was based on Zora’s husband.

Loretta Questions Madiba.

“Madiba, ulikuwa unajuwa hii story ya Oliver kuwa babake Milton? Na ukaribu wake na mama yako? Madiba Nakujuwa vizuri and this could be the last move and place ungewahi kanyaga. Hadi ndugu yako anakushangaa.” Loreta asks Madiba after noticing some changes like siding with his mother. Madiba answers back with a total different and irrelevant answer. He asks if Loretta is happy after hurting Zora. He leaves Loretta alone.

Fellah and Zora: Fellah explains how he had gone to storm Loretta after Zora had left without any information. He says all that could have happened Zora would have just been shocked seall in the news cut. Zora consoles promising to have another baby despite losing her pregnancy. They plan to do a medical check up to see if they can get another baby.

Zora Citizen Tv Written updates by Tambua Afica

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2. Zora Citizen Tv part 2

Part two starts at Oliver’s House inside Zalena’s Room. Madiba knocks and he is welcomed. He expresses how his heart is burning with bitterness.

Naumwa mum Naumwa. Moyo mum. Na ni Zora.” Madiba disappoints his mother after suggesting to call a doctor only to her that the main cause is Zora.

She clicks. She is crazy about zora after being humiliated together with her sons.

Zora flashbacks: Zora in the living room flashbacks Madiba and his statements. How he expressed his love to Zora in the world he exists. She also thinks about Hamida’s statements about Fellah. After sinking into deep thoughts she is only called back by Fellah who has brought drinking water to her.

Fellah says Master is at peace when in jail. It only depends on the reason he is in jail for. And this is because of the fight for his love. Fellah too vows to be found in the same place incase someone comes in between their love affairs.

Oscar is under pressure.

Oscars is under Zalena’s pressure. He is noticed saying he is trying much within the agreement but Milton is giving him hard time. Zalena advices him to push harder. Zalena asks Oscar to play his part since she has already accomplished hers.

Neema passes the News to Ogola

Ogola pretends to be disturbed with Neema and Milton’s relationship. Neema assures him not to worry. Neema opens the probability of Oliver being Impotent just like Kwame.

On the other side Milton visits Nana. He expresses how lonely he is. He figures out how confused he is with Loretta and Oscar’s claims. He asked for comfort from Nana. He acknowledges how real Nana is and can never change.

Zalena finds Milton holding Nana tight but she is not even shocked. Now we are the watch to find out who wins Nana’s love. Nana tries to explain to Zalena what is going on but asked to relax. Zalena advices Nana either to live with her husband into the same house or let him live away with another woman. will Zalena let Milton take away Nana? This hunt begins.

Kwame confronts Oscar asking for an explanation on what they were discussing about. Oscar urges Kwame to face his mother for more information. He also explains why he returned the bracelet after finding it at the crime scene. He understands if Zalena could not have faked the accident then Kwame could have been in jail. After getting a shocker point on knowledge about Alma’s twin sister Talia, Kwame goes so low.

Zalena Explains why she visited. She explains how she understands Nana and her assistance in getting Madiba.

Listen Zalena, you have tried this before and it has never worked. No woman in her rightful mind would push her son to a woman he doesn’t love. Please achana na mimi.”

Nana is left with information how Zora is trying much to win Madiba. And this is a thing that Nana could not allow to happen.

Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow 11th January 2022 – Full Episode 1 & 2

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