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Mike Wako and Sandra Dacha Clash At Ochonjo’s Vigil

Thursday Night, Mike Wako a close friend to the late Duncan Ochonjo got it rough after clashing with Sandra Dacha and a group on Ochonjo’s Night Vigil.

Among them was Sandra Dacha. She shouted to the Kenyan Tiktoker Mike Wako claiming that he was lying to people about being there for Ochonjo during his ailing moments.

The two “Mike Wako and Sandra Dacha” exchanged very harsh words, leading to their exit from the scene as the situation escalated.

A group was overheard saying Mike Wako was using Ochonjo’s death for his own selfish interests.


All this happened at Kenyan National Theatre. The event aimed to create a time for the creative industry to pay tribute to the late comedian Ochonjo.

“We failed Ochonjo… We were not there for Ochonjo,”. Sandra Dacha Shouted.

Duncan ochonjo Burial

Duncan Ochonjo’s Burial is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 27th, 2023, at his home in Sondu.

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