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Miguna interview with James Butty of VoA Africa

Miguna Miguna, – “My interview with James Butty of VoA Africa was mature compared to “Githeri Media.”

Who is James Butty? – James Butty is a veteran African-American broadcaster VoA Africa.

Miguna Miguna’s comparison of the interview comes a day after he had another interview on NTV with Joe Ageyo.

Speaking out his opinion, the veteran Lawyer says James Butty was Mature enough for the task.


First, he asked relevant, mature, intelligent, distilled and respectful questions. Two, he also gave in a close ear quietly as Dr. Miguna Miguna answered.

This is unlike on NTV where Joe Ageyo argued for long just to block Miguna from driving his point live on TV.

“Just had a wonderful interview with James Butty of the @VOAAfrica. He asked relevant, mature, intelligent,, distilled and respectful questions – and listened QUIETLY as I answered. Butty is a veteran African-American broadcaster. The Githeri Media must learn!.” Miguna Miguna posts on twitter.

Dr. Miguna Miguna advices the Kenyan Media he calls “Githeri Media” to emulate the same.

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