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Miguna brands NTV as “Githeri Media” after Live Interview with Joe Ageyo

Veteran Lawyer Miguna Miguna leaves Nation Media in ashes after a live interview with Joe Ageyo.

The interview that happens to be most viewed by most Kenyans was exclusive of its kind. It has however left every citizen with his own interpretation of every single word uttered by Mr. Miguna Miguna.

The interview comes immediately the second day after he returned back to his home country. Miguna Miguna was deported from Kenya to Canada after swearing in former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the people’s president.

Few hours after the interview, Miguna Miguna spotted a 4.5 Years old photo being used by Nation Africa in their Social media news hook line.


Muguna Miguna illustrates the act as a move to distortion of his words. Miguna Miguna calls Nation Africa Githeri Media.

“To Githeri Media: Millions of Kenyans watched my interview live. No matter how much you try to distort my words and use one image you took 4.6 years ago in order to push your parochial agendas will never succeed. The ground is receiving my message clearly and positively.”

Miguna Miguna’s return to the country has also set an alarm to Odinga’s rule in Luo Nyanza. Worries have risen on the matter implying that he will take over as the Kingpin.

Dr. Miguna Miguna came back to grab the Luo Nation from Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga

Alinur Mohamed Twitter

“From Miguna Miguna’s interview with Joe Ageyo it’s very clear that Dr. Miguna Miguna came back to grab the Luo Nation from Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga. Miguna will view for President in 2027 against President William Ruto.” He posts.

Replying to Alinur Mohamed, Miguna asked him to mind his own business since he has not accorded him as his Spokesperson.

During the interview on Friday, Dr Miguna said that for a long time, the Odingas have dominated the region’s political scene and that his mission is to liberate Luo Nyanza.

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