Who said you can’t serve two masters at a go. Here in Kenya we have heard of people who are incorporating music and other artistic careers in their daily hustle.

Tambua.africa has been on the fore line to recognize such eager and focused people in the society and bring them out to the peoples attention.

We met Markson Sangova a talented singer at the same time preaching the gospel to people.

He is was born in the Maa community and from the conversation On whats-app he said nothing will ever hinder him from doing what God has called him to do on this world.

Mimi naitwa Markson Sangova nimezaliwa katika jamii ya kimaasai Nimeitwa kumtumikia Mungu katika nafasi alionipa ya kuhubiri pamoja na kuimba na nimeamua kuihubiri Injili kwa mataifa yote na baadhi ya nyimbo zangu ni Ebenezer na zingine nyingi.

Whats-app message from Markson

You can get his Gospel music

  1. Ebenezer
  2. metii
  3. Esipa
  4. Cheza song
  5. Metii
  6. baba_Mungu
  7. Mwanadamu
  8. Hao_hao
  9. umoja
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