Local News – Membership requirements are divided in two

Membership requirements are divided in two.

  1. Author, Composer & Arranger
  2. Publisher


  • One (1) copy of commercially published audio CD of each album/Single; strictly in MP3 Formats.
  • Two (2) passport size photographs and a copy of identity card/passport/birth certificate;
  • Copy of National identity card/passport/birth certificate for next of Kin;
  • Copies of agreements if there is joint copyright ownership.
  • Names of group members and an appointed representative if it is a group/band or choir.
  • Five thousand shillings, application fee. (Nonrefundable).
  • Letters of administration from the courts of law if applying on behalf of a deceased person.
  • Guarantor who has been a member of MCSK for a minimum of four year
  • Preferred bank account number of the applicant/s. ( NO SACCOS)
  • KRA pin certificate.


a) MCSK helps artists in collection of their royalties from media stations and from public places where their music is played and distributes to members three times a year.


b) Access to medical cover.

c) Access royalties from international plays through reciprocal agreements.

d) Access educative Training & Seminars organized by MCSK.

e) Access legal help by MCSK Legal team.


  • A certified copy of certificate of incorporation or business name;
  • One (1) copy of CD of each album published by the company or business entity; strictly in MP3 Formats.
  • Certified copy of PIN certificate for the company or sole proprietorship.
  • Certified copies of contracts/ agreements between the publisher and the composers/authors/writers;
  • Names and nationalities of all Directors or partners of the publishing company;
  • Copies of agreements if the company has acquired control of local/foreign publisher catalogues;
  • Two (2) passport size photographs and a copy of Identity card/passport of the representative/s;
  • Company resolution appointing the representative/s;
  • Guarantor who has been a member of MCSK for a minimum of four
  • Company resolution to join MCSK;
  • Cover letter on the Company’s letter head;
  • 3 thousand shillings, application fee.(non refundable)
  • Preferred bank account number of the publishing company. (NO SACCOS)
  • KRA pin certificate


Applications are done through our regional offices countrywide .Forms can be downloaded here ,duly filled and sent to [email protected] ,including music in Mp3 form.Kindly NOTE

that you are required to visit the nearest office to collect payment receipt after the application process is complete .See below procedure for making payment 

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