Martha Karua Moves to East African Court Of Justice to challenge president William Ruto’s win. Her main aim is seek justice and overturn President William Samoei Ruto’s Election.

Martha Karua was the running mate to the Azimio presidential candidate Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. After the August General Elections, the Azimio candidate rejected the result taking the matter to the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The Supreme Court lead by Chief Justice Martha Koome Unanimously approved Ruto’s win terminating Azimio’s petition as hot air.

After William Ruto’s win was upheld, Deputy Presidential Candidate Marth Karua accepted but vowed to challenge the Court’s final Verdict in the East African Court Of Justice.

Another petitioner challenging the Supreme Court’s ruling is the Activist Khelif Khalifa.

In reference to the filled case at the East African Court Of Justice, the two argue that the Supreme Court and IEBC undermined democracy and the rule of law.

Quoting the petition, IEBC and the Supreme Court’s action in the 2022 General Elections violated their rights.

Martha Karua and Activist Khelif Khalifa have vowed to work together to seek Justice from the East African Court Of Justice.

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