Maria wa Kitaa is back in Sultana Citizen Tv show. She first appears in Sultana Citizen Tv show 11th November 2022 episode.

Maria was the main actress in Maria citizen tv a show that kept all Kenyans glued to the screens after nipashe news. She acted as a poor girl whose survival relied on the collections in the Garbage dumping sites.

She appears with the same role in Sultana Citizen Tv show. Maria who is at the dumping site is informed by her colleagues that they have seen a dead man.

“Kuna mtu ameuawa usiende huko.”

Maria portrays a courageous character trait in tye show. She heads to the exact point she was warned not to go. Afterwards Maria picks a stick and checks who this dead man is.

By good luck he is not dead. The man asks for help. Maria wa kitaa doesn’t know who this man is. In Sultana Citizen Tv 14th November 2022 show, we will now see how smart Maria is and the strategies she deploys to offer help and save life.

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