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Maria Citizen Tv Season 2 back on this date


Maria Citizen Tv is a Kenyan Tv drama revolving around Love and romance. The show was loved by many Kenyans since it stimulated their eager to continue watching as the episode kept on rolling.

Maria was produced by A Jiffy Prediction where Lulu Hassan is the CEO directed by one and only Julian Mwanzele directing a total of 374 Episodes.

Maria had an opening song Binti Kichaa whose Starring were

  1. Yasmin Said – Maria; 
  2. Bridget Shighadi – Sofia; 
  3. Brian Ogana – Luwi

Leaked news indicates that Maria show will be back on Citizen Tv Starting 14th December 2021.

Maria citizen tv Lovers are can’t wait to watch season 2 of the ghetto show expecting it to be more stimulating than the previous season 1 and current Zora


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