Luwi, the key Subject in the top most viewed show in Kenya Cries bitterly. He cries so much after landing to the bad news that the body of an unknown person was found with so much bruises in that no one could identify it. Following Maria’s missing it comes out clear that the body might be hers.

We clearly see the family members and friends to Maria Morning at their home including Father, Bondi, fally, pups, Venessa, Victor, their mother Vicky and their father William Hausa.

Sailas is also present with his mother Rufina. We also note the presence of Mama Chapo who had lost for so long in the show.

The neighbor’s and other friends to Maria converge at Maria’s place to have their last respect for her. Luwi Cries till Victor and Venessa are seen trying to cool him down. On morning his lover he kicks the table and many energetik men hold him tight including Bondi.

Despite Bondi being involved in the Matter no one has the real information of what transpired. He appears holy and Born Again. Following Father Ezekiel’s acknowledgment no one can even suspect anything.

Luwi Hausa, Sofia, Maria

At the same time the mother to Maggie the wife to be for Sailas also appears peeping through an opening outside the entrance to Maria’s place.

From your opinion will things fall back and worse for Father Ezekiel if the whole scenario is discovered? Or what may happen?

Maria is likely to be rescued and she may come back to surprise many. It may be thought that she is a ghost? And if she appears again will Luwi accept to marry her?

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