One of the most viewed and loved show in Kenya is Maria show. Maria Citizen Tv show is aired daily from Monday to Friday and a Omnibus on Saturday 5 to 6 pm.

From yesterday’s episode we find Boss Victor and his house worker Lorna going for an outing. It is a planned out that may be aimed at going to the hospital for a DNA check to confirm if truly Gloria is the biological daughter to Victor.

The show becomes Hottest each day as things start unfolding. As they move out Sofia cushions Sonia either to eliminate the two Lorna and Gloria or face the wrath after they have been harassing them for a long time.

We are yet to know the exact steps to be taken from Victor and Sonia after the confirmation results are out. Today we will be watching Maria Citizen Tv of 5th January 2021 and narrate to you an update.

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