William Hausa and Vicky hold ties.

The quarrels in the family increase as the siblings push the family head to the one demanding for the truth. Luwi confronts his father when he wants to beat up his mother because of the real truth he delivered to William about the ownership of the property.

Does the property rightfully belong to Victor through his father or does it belong to Sofia or either it belongs to Sandra and if not does the same property belong to Maria.

Luwis mention of Maria raizes Williams temba whereby he goes direct to Vicky suspecting that she may be the one who spilt the truth to the son. Louis follows to intervene whereby he gets an electric blow from William as Vicky slaps her daughter.

Victor Maria Citizen Tv latest Episode Digging deeper to get the truth.

Victor digs deep to find the truth about the property is now. Kanini speaks out the truth she knows as Sofia urges them to stick together and also not to stay comfortably because wherever Sandra is she may be planning something messy about them. And she notified them that indeed Sandra is not a good woman and she is very much dangerous.

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