Maria citizen TV show becomes hot. Many things start happening and piling up as the show goes on. As many people watching this show ask themselves about the lessons they get from the play but it also arouses the interest and the entertainment amongst the Kenyan citizens.

It has assisted to Keep More and many men in their houses and also housewives have managed to come back home early Amy not to lose even a single minute during the Maria student show play that has aired at 7:30 p.m. after the nipashe news.

Where is The father?.

Gloria makes the mistake of asking Victor the whereabout of William Hausa. Kahoor after hearing about the conversation she comes in and asks Gloria to go away, in the in the event the gossip mama, Gloria’s mother Lorna comes in to ask what was happening.

She get the negative part of Sonia. She is asked the whereabout of Gloria’s father a question that gives Lorna headache in answering. Lorna is advised to take Gloria to a place where she fits and if she can’t to be taken to her father.

Hausa, Luwi, Victor, Vanessa, Vicky Notification

After Hausa settling into their new apartment he is notified to move out of the new house because it also belongs to Victor. Mejja also confronts Hausa for payment before they can talk any other business. They are given two months to vacate the new house.

Sonia Kahoor

Danie Advises Sailas

Daniel advises Silas to take care of the property and the signatories in his life without trusting anybody like he did. He uses victors example of getting property from Hausa when William moved all the powers and making him the CEO.

William vows that he won’t go down alone with too many secrets and properties acquired by him being taken by somebody. Mejja gets it clearly that William wants to go down with Victor which means he wants him dead.

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