Maria Need for her Father

Maria the main actor of the most viewed TeleNovela Kenyan show now on a mission to finding out more information about his Father. Suspecting and joining the information she got now gives her a clear clue about the where about of her father. Is her father dead too?


Are Victor Sofia and Brenda siblings?

The Property

Victor’s claim that the property rightfully belongs to him with enough evidence may subject him to more problems. Just simple question, if William came with strong proof that he is the rightful owner of the property will he observed victim back as his son,?

Unfolding Stories

The stories have began unfolding and the property that Victor claims to be the rightful owner may bring more problems and conflicts among them. If it is true that William tempered with the lives of the two unknown people, who were in the deal with selling the expensive stone to Daniel, then this property has to be shared among three people.

Victor snatching the property from William may not solve if William decides to disclose the other two members and they team up to come and claim for their property. The big question is Maria also part of the deal? And if she is, will she also come and claim the property that belongs to his father? then Victor is going to find himself under high pressure that may force him to run away for his life. Not leaving out Luwi and Vanessa as they are also going to form up a wave as a family to come and claim back their fathers property.

Maria Citizen Tv show Actress Yasmin

End Result.

Now they’re highly watched show give some indications of its Anthony as many of the actors some are dying and others are evacuating the likes of Bondi Tobi end Mejja. It is hard and too early for predictions on what will transpire but from the look of things Victor may run mad.

Luwi and Maria will not get married at the same time Vanessa and Silas will also not get married as planned.

Those are just our thoughts, what are your thoughts? can you please share in the comments below on what is your predictions to the end of the Maria citizen TV show? COMMENT BELOW
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