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Maria Citizen Tv 21st November 2020 Full Episode || Narration

Hallo,are you a big fan of Maria Citizen Tv show in Kenya? You have been watching the show since the start every week day at 7.30 pm. Many questions click in your head on how the show will end.

From the look of things Victor has started portraying a bad character that won’t last him long. This character ends up by either death or running mud.

William Hausa and Vicky may also end up dying with pressure related to the much stress they are subjecting to each other.

We have witnessed Bondi die, Tobi, and Rufinas Husband.

Do you have any comment on the Maria Citizen Tv show and how it will end,,,, Comment in the Comments section below. We will be happy to have your OPINION.

Victor- Actor brother to Luwi, Vanessa, Sofia
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