Maria one of the famous shows in Kenya has taken a new move. Actor Victor realises the truth about his parent and sibling Sophia they make up a plan and take over Hausa’s property.

Victor throws a document that may have some prove that he is the true owner of the property. William tries to call but the reply I get heart breaks him even further ending up the whole family into crying.

Victor orders Ben to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family since they are going to have a celebration and after all Ben is supposed to pack up his things and disappear since he has been fired.

From the look of things Victor seems to be one of the harshest and toughest person and also an opportunist who may miss use his power.

Tomorrow we expect even more things to unfold as William is saying asking Mejja so many questions concerning what is going on. Remember major is the one who unfolded the truth to Sophia by letting her know that she is the brother to Victor. He must be suspected to be behind or whatever is happening until he proves his innocence.

Maria and Lorna’s Daughter
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